La FRANCE unique au monde

Argentine prépare un impôt exceptionnel sur les grandes fortunes, l’Espagne va mettre en place un revenu de base universel, l’Allemagne se dit prête à accueillir des migrants sauvés en mer et de jeunes migrants mineurs, le Portugal a régularisé les sans-papiers, l’Italie est en grève pour l’arrêt des secteurs non essentiels, la Belgique imagine un … Continuer la lecture de « La FRANCE unique au monde »
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Enfin enfin enfin un événement qui va remettre des critères objectifs au coeur de la politique …

La merde mondialisée, c’est à dire les conséquences de l’hyper-organisation de la « profitation » comme disent si bien les antillais … c’est elle qui va maintenant obliger nos détestés politiques à faire leur métier et à rendre des comptes pour les siècles à venir … Bien sûr ils vont essayer d’organiser la continuation de leur festin … Continuer la lecture de « Enfin enfin enfin un événement qui va remettre des critères objectifs au coeur de la politique … »
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il y a plus de « soldats à la blanche blouse » infectées que de patients

Hé ! Macron ! Je me souviens d’un président prétentieux, pour qui, il suffisait de traverser la rue pour trouver du travail. Je suis une de ces « blouses blanches », chair à canon du service de santé, que tu envoies dans ta putain de guerre sans armes ni protection. Alors aujourd’hui je renverse la situation : … Continuer la lecture de « il y a plus de « soldats à la blanche blouse » infectées que de patients »
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Will my Ip address change when associated with VPN

This short article is intended for everybody who possesses a essential information of linux administration and networking. If you operate in IT sector, it is incredibly widespread that you do not use only a single computer sitting on your do the job desk, but you also use other devices linked to the exact same area spot network.

As lengthy as you are sitting on your place of work chair this method should really not be a trouble. Nonetheless, this problem can grow to be complex as soon as you are in hurry, and therefore, you have to have to acquire some of your function household. You are in a position to choose you company laptop computer with you, but to totally make use of enterprise means you would also want to be connected to the company’s local spot network.

The remedy to this issue depends on what resources are necessary to finish your task. If you have to have some shared data files offered on the company’s community, you could just merely copy these file to your laptop’s tricky generate or to USB stick.

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How to locate a VPN

In case you need to function on the program mounted on your company’s Pc you can also use some virtualization applications such as VirtualBox or VMware. Quickly more than enough you will comprehend that this solution is not as handy as you would like it to be, and that you put in much more time by copying data files and synchronizing digital units than concentrating on your do the job. The perfect resolution in this case must allow for personnel to access firm’s area methods from an exterior community.

The Best Ways to Browse the world wide web Secretly

This can be finished by forwarding ports of the area products and services through firewall. Exposing area ports to the Internet is not completely the safest solution. The a lot more ports are uncovered from your local network to an external community such as the Web, the more vulnerable your nearby procedure will turn into. The great technique in this problem could be a use of just one port for all providers coupled with encryption and consumer authentication.

Manage several speed tests from varying zones making use of

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  • Security and safety protocol
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This can be realized, for instance, by using a Virtual Personal Network (VPN)VPN networks are typically operated as shopper-server programs. Good instance could be an implementation of MS Home windows PPTP or OpenVPN on the Linux System. VPN server is instantly functioning on a firewall, where by it makes virtual network interface and added digital network subnet. VPN server is waiting around for connections on the exterior network interface of the firewall wherever it performs authentication of a VPN customer application.

After productive VPN consumer authentication a VPN client is presented an IP handle from a virtual subnet. As a result, an encrypted tunnel is developed in between VPN customer and VPN server, which is applied for safe and sound transfer of packets amongst two distant networks by means of the Web. Products and services, which a VPN customer can link to, can furthermore be outlined by firewall procedures.

This way firewall makes certain that VPN shopper can hook up only to products and services it is permitted to hook up. If the previous couple sentences appeared to you very little tricky to comprehend, do not despair! All the things will come to be clearer after we see how encrypted tunnel works in an example. VPN tunnels are frequently regarded as one thing mysterious and all people who mentions them, is « amazing » 🙂 Even so, there is practically nothing to be worried about, in the reality theory of Virtual Non-public Community is extremely basic. Facts in IP networks are exchanged in packets. Info about place and a supply of the packet can be located in the packet’s header.

Hôpital de Périgueux, Polémique covid 19, Colère des soignants, action GIBI

Ci-dessous les liens vous permettant une vision globale de la situation Covid 19 à l’hôpital de Périgueux et la polémique créée par la directrice de l’ARS Marie-Ange Perulli, mettant en cause le personnel de l’hôpital. 1/ Article qui déclenche la colère des soignants: Article  colère des soignants: 3/ Lettre du président de l’association des maires … Continuer la lecture de « Hôpital de Périgueux, Polémique covid 19, Colère des soignants, action GIBI »
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L’état va aider aussi les entreprises avec compte offshore malgrès les annonces de B LE MAIRE

Voir l’article sur reporterre Jeudi 23 avril sur France Info, dans le cadre de l’examen au Sénat du projet de loi de finance rectificative et après la polémique autour de l’octroi de 20 milliards d’euros sans contreparties environnementales à des grandes entreprises, le ministre de l’Économie, Bruno Le Maire avait décidé de gonfler les muscles : «Il va de soi … Continuer la lecture de « L’état va aider aussi les entreprises avec compte offshore malgrès les annonces de B LE MAIRE »
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